Monthly Newsletter – November 2012

Nov 20, 2012 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – “Kickstarter Fail”

Last month I mentioned I was starting a Kickstarter Project but I kept it a secret about what it was… well here it is, the Captain Kimo 2013 Florida Calendar! The bad news however, is that the deadline for funding has passed and the project didn’t get funded. But I’m not terribly disappointed since I would have had to do a ton of work had it succeeded. The good news though is that the Calendar is available as a free download. Use the link below to get your free digital copy of Captain Kimo’s 2013 Florida Calendar.

Topaz Live Webinar Another Success!

For all of you who missed my last Topaz Live Webinar here is the recording. I cover how I created my Bull Elk image from Yellowstone using Photoshop and Topaz Plugins. Use the link below to see the video.

> Click to Watch the Topaz Video Tutorial by Captain Kimo

Four Video Tutorials Posted on Youtube!

This month I’ve been working on a few video tutorials for YouTube. I manage to get four completed at the time of this newsletter. All my YouTube videos are pretty quick but I always try to produce tutorials that have practical tips that are useful. Below you can find the links to all four videos…

> 1. Simple Coloring Technique for Grass and Homes
> 2. Single Exposure HDR with Photomatix and Topaz
> 3. Texturing Tutorial with an Eagle Photo
> 4. Creating a Dramatic Ocean Scenery

Videos for Captain Kimo Members/HDRWorkshop

For all you Captain Kimo Memebers out there you’re probably wondering when you’re going to get new videos. Well I haven’t forgotten… in fact I’ve finished one already and I got 2 more coming soon. However I am still migrating all Captain Kimo Members over to where I’ll be posting all new videos. Currently the website is still in testing mode. I will update all Captain Kimo Memebers when I feel that the “Members Only” website is ready for the final switch over.

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Captain Kimo’s Best HDR Photos from September 2012
Here are some of my popular HDR photos from last month.


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