Monthly Newsletter – July 2013

Jul 19, 2013 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – “Waterfalls in Cambodia”

Captain Kimo at Kabal Chhay Waterfall CambodiaI spent some time this month visiting a couple of waterfalls in Cambodia. Cambodia has lots of waterfalls but getting to them can be a journey in itself. That’s why I’ve chosen to only visit two waterfalls this trip. Both of them with road access making the travel easier. The waterfall photo above was taken at Kabal Chhay Park in Kampong Som a popular tourist destination in Cambodia. I also visited Phnom Kulen Waterfall which is by far the most beautiful waterfall I’ve yet to see. Below is a photo from the waterfall in Phnom Kulen. Just visiting these two waterfalls alone gave me enough photos to process for a few months!


Eating Bugs in Cambodia a Road Side Snack

captain-kimo-cambodia-insect-foodCambodia is full of crazy and interesting food. One of the most bizzare would have to be insects which can be bought along the road side by locals selling them in large baskets. However I caution anyone against eating them only because of the condition that the critters are prepared and kept. Basically the insects are being cooked using old oil that’s been reused many times. After they are fried the bugs are left in large baskets to be sold to tourists. I’m not sure how long the cooked bugs are kept before being discarded. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if they never get thrown out. Needless to say I’ve had my fill of eating bugs. Unless I’m catching them and cooking them myself I don’t plan on eating any more insects. Especially after the grasshopper that kept me running to the bathroom all night!

What Makes a Good Photo by Captain Kimo

fisherman, casting netting during sunset in rice field cambodia countryI’ve been meaning to write this article for a long time. Mainly because I get ask so many questions about my photographs. Most of these questions are in regards to camera, lens and settings. But the real question that I believe people want to ask is what makes a good photo. From my experience I can already tell you it’s not the gear or the settings. Click here to read more.

Remove Dust Spot from Photo – Quick Video Tutorial
how-to-remove-dust-spot-from-photo-caused-by-dirty-camera-sensorMost of you probably have your own technique for removing dust spots out of your photos. Here’s a quick video tutorial using my technique. Sorry I didn’t have time for anything more exciting. Next month I will do a longer and better video. Using a laptop to record tutorials just isn’t as productive as doing it from the studio with air conditioning. That’s right… I spent most of my time in Cambodia at my Aunt’s house with no AC! Click here to watch the video.

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Captain Kimo’s Best HDR Photos from June 2013
Here are some of my popular HDR photos for the month of June.


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