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Apr 30, 2011 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – Busy… Busy… Busy!

Being away for two months means there’s a whole lot of catching up to do. I’ve been back 25 days now and I still haven’t caught up with everything! That’s mainly because I keep adding to my plate, like I mentioned in my last post. However I kept it a secret by not mentioning exactly what’s going on. That’s because I wanted to share it in this newsletter, so everyone knows what I’m doing. Keep reading below to find out all about my crazy projects!

Captain Kimo Working On Two New Blogs

Like one blog wasn’t enough for me… I’ve decided to start two more! What are the new blogs about? The first blog is about photo-blogging, so I’ll be blogging about me blogging ;-).

Before you think I’m crazy, hear me out. Those of you who have blogs or plan on starting one, this blog is perfect for you. You’ll learn everything from setting up to maintaining a photo blog. I’ll also be blogging about getting more visitors to your blog. I’ll even cover the money making side so you can afford more camera gear!

The second blog will be the experimental blog. Instead of telling you about photo blogging, I’m going to show you how to do it using the second blog. You’ll see from the beginning all the steps necessary to publish a successful photo blog like

Captain Kimo Studio and Gallery Coming Soon

I’ve been working from home the past two years and I think it’s time to get a studio. I’ve been searching the the local area for space to open a workshop and gallery. This will give me more room to print and produce my canvases. I’ll also be using the studio to teach HDR photography. So for anyone interested in learning in a classroom environment here’s your chance to learn from one of the masters!

Attending the Green Market Tomorrow in PBG

No I won’t be photographing the Green Market, instead I’ll be setting up a booth there to promote some of my canvas prints. I want to go there to gauge what the average person is interested in. Getting an idea of what people like is extremely beneficial to anyone who’s an artist or photographer. For someone like me who produces art for a living, it’s important to know what people like and don’t like. If you’re in the neighborhood drop by the booth and say hello!

HDR Video Concept in the Making

Recently I’ve been seeing more and more HDR videos, most of them timelapses. True HDR video is harder to come by because of the limitations of the video camera. That’s why timelapse HDR is popular because it’s easier to do. Technically, in my opinion, it’s shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. For those who don’t know I graduated with a degree in computer animation, so video is one of my specialties. Of course I haven’t done much lately but I think it’s time that Captain Kimo shows the world how to do true HDR video!

HDR Portrait E-book Still a Work-in-Progress

The HDR Portrait e-book and action is still in the works. I should have it done sometime this month, but with all the things going don’t be surprised if it’s late. I’m a one man show, everything I do is done by me cause that’s how I roll ;-)

Captain’s favorite HDR Photos from March

Some photos didn’t come out as I expected because of my laptop I had in Thailand. I plan on redoing all the Thailand portraits to make a small e-book. Keep an eye out for it!

Click here to download all HDR photos (*zipped)!

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