Monthly Newsletter – November 2011

Nov 18, 2011 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – “Bangkok, Thailand”

I’m going to keep November’s newsletter short since I don’t have much time to post anything during this trip.

As most of you already know Bangkok is under some serious flooding. At first I thought it was just media hype, but as I traveled out to the country, north of Bangkok, I saw what all the hype was all about… and it’s pretty serious.

Below are photos that I manage to capture from the back of a moving pickup truck as I traveled out of Bangkok. All images were shot with my Canon Powershot S90. Some images are soft or even blurry. Don’t expect perfection from the back of a moving truck with a compact camera.

Photos have been processed to give a stylized and illustraive look. This is the same style that I plan on using to produce my 30 Days in Thailand book. However I’m still working on refining the look so it works for every image. This is the same processing that I use in the Portrait eBook.

Check out the photos below and let me know what you think.

That’s it for November’s newsletter. I hope you all have a great holiday!

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