Captain Kimo - Lake Worth Lagoon

Howdy! Welcome to, my name is, Kim Seng, a Florida photographer who specializes in HDR Photography. I am the owner, author and photographer of this website and I am here to show you the world through my eyes.

A little about me. I am a professional photographer, coffee connoisseur, techno geek and world traveler. My photos have been published and exhibited in several magazines and galleries. My unique photos are sold to individuals and businesses throughout the world. I also teach photography through my workshops and eBooks. Currently I spend most of my time photographing, Florida. I am one of the lucky few people who can honestly say “I love what I do!”

I graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 1999 with a degree in Computer Graphics and Animation. My professional work history includes; Commercial Art, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Art Direction, Photography and Videography. I have over a decade of professional software experience as a Graphic Artist using Photoshop, Lightroom and many other design and imaging software.


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You can buy a digital copy of my image at my website for downloading royalty free stock images. You can use the images for personal or commercial purposes. You can also use it for prints as wall decor for your home or office.

Buying Captain Kimo Prints
I stopped selling prints because it was taking up too much of my time. But if you want a print of my photo you can visit to find out how you can get prints.

Commercial Photography Services
Basic rate starting at $400. You will get 10 high quality custom HDR images. I will provide you with high resolution files to fit any format you need. Please contact me by email for more info at – [email protected]

HDR Workshop 2 Hour Course
I offer a two hour workshop for anyone interested in learning HDR photography, the technique I use for my images. The cost for this course $300. For more info please contact me by email at – [email protected]


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Voice – (561) 203-0809
Address – PO Box 642, Jupiter FL 33468

Jupiter Police Chief and Captain Kimo

Above is a photo of me and the Chief of Police in Jupiter Florida, Frank Kitzerow. Frank bought the photo for his office from the Jupiter Lighthouse Museum Gift Shop. If you drop by the gift shop keep an eye out for it. It shouldn’t be too hard to miss, it’s one of the biggest pieces there! Click here to see the original photo.

Greenacres Bowling Alley

The bowling ally above is from Greenacres, Florida where they are redoing their panels. Instead of using generic images they’ve decided to go local with my photos.

Juno Pier Metal Print at Private Home

Beautiful metal print of the Juno Beach Pier hanging above the living room couch.

Reader Digest Article About Everglades

The alligator photo above was published in a article for Reader Digest in the UK about the Everglades. The Everglades is a cool place but I think most people visit the park for the alligators. In that case I recommend Shark Valley for anyone visiting. You’ll get a taste of the Everglades and plenty of alligator photos. Click here to see the original photo.

Commercial Shoot for Local Billboard

Here’s a super wide panorama I did for Green Advertising to showcase the intracoastal waterway in Juno Beach. They also incorporated the photo into a billboard ad. Click here to read more about the photo.

Official Stamp for Pitcairn Islands

The photo of the pirate ship above was used for an official stamp for the Pitcairn Islands. Have you ever heard of it? Me too. I had to Google it to find out where it was. Which was out in the middle of nowhere! Click here to see the original photo.

Binocular for the Jupiter Lighthouse Gift Shop

The Jupiter Lighthouse photo above is probably one of my most well known photo for Jupiter, Florida. I’ve had many requests for it to be used for many different things. One of the coolest request was for binoculars or Fanoculars to be exact.

Florida Community Bank Debit Cards

Here is an image that I received from Florida Community Bank with my photos on a sample credit card. The above photos were all taken in Florida. To see the original photos for each credit card click the the following links… Credit Card 1Credit Card 2Credit Card 3

Florida Audubon Magazine 2014

The above two pages where taken from the Florida Audubon Magazine. To download a free copy of the magazine click here or to visit the Florida Audubon website click here. To view the original photo of the Loxahatchee Slough click here and to see the Bath Tub Beach photo click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use your image on my website?
Yes if it is a personal website. If it is a business or commercial website you need to buy the image. Please go to for more info. Please support your local artist.

2. Can I use your image in exchange I will link to your website?
Sure if it is a personal website. For business or commercial websites please go to for more info. Again please support your local business and artist.

3. No budget to buy images for commercial use?
No budget. No problem. At I have four photos that I give out for free each month. I am also willing to barter or trade for services to help your business succeed. I am all about helping our local community!

4. Do you sell prints of your photographs?
Short answer is no but read on if you would like a print. There was a time when I did sell prints but it became a lot of work ensuring quality, packaging and shipping. I feel my time is best spent capturing and processing photos. If you would like a print check my online store for more info –

5. Advertising on
For security reasons I do not allow any advertising on my website. The only advertising I have is with Google.

6. Do you alter your images at all?
Yes. All of my images are enhanced in some way using HDR techniques. You can learn more about my process with link below.

7. Where in Florida are you located?
I live in Palm Beach Gardens. It’s a beauitful area but I feel like it’s slowly getting overcrowded.

8. Can I go on a photo shoot with you?
The simple answer is no. I love to meet new people but over the years I have come across some interesting characters to say the least. Also this is what I do for a living so I have to make each shoot count. This means I can never guarantee where I am going to be on a shoot.

9. Can you speak at our camera club?
Currently my priority is making my business succeed so I don’t have time to do any public speaking.

10. When is your next HDR Workshop?
I don’t have any plans on scheduling a workshops.

11. Do you shoot weddings or portraits?
Sorry I do not offer these services. Shooting wedding and portraits require a certain passion for it that I don’t have. My love is for landscape, architecture, nature and wildlife. If you need someone to shoot your wedding or portrait you can contact Scott Kelly below. He’s a professional photographer with many years of experience and I highly recommend his work.