Making Changes to the Newsletter

May 1, 2010 | newsletter

Recently I’ve received an email from a Feedburner subscriber informing me he unsubscribed from the email list because of redundant content. He’s got a point, he’s a loyal reader and visits my site daily, so there’s no reason he should be getting email clogging up his inbox. I’ve also noticed the number of subscribers coming and going. I have no doubt that this is the reason why.

As a blogger it’s important for me to be able to communicate with my audience through email. This allows me contact you when there is awesome news I’d like to share. So if for some reason you forget about and you’re not on the email list, then you won’t ever experience the awesomeness.

From now on, instead of daily updates, you’ll now receive a custom newsletter monthly. Each newsletter will give you updates on all the best photos and any exciting articles posted for that previous month. You’ll also be informed on the newest Captain Kimo adventure for the upcoming month.

Your inbox will now be free from clutter, aside from monthly newsletters, you’ll only get email worthy of your time.

There is nothing required for this change to take affect. But I know some of you do like receiving daily updates. If you still wish to get daily emails you can subscribe by clicking here.

As for those who have unsubscribed, or who have yet to subscribe, you can subscribe to Captain Kimo’s Monthly Newsletter by clicking here.

Thanks for being a loyal Captain Kimo fan!


Captain Kimo