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Mar 22, 2013 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – “Cambodia”

Captain Kimo on Ancient Cambodian RuinsI’m actually in Bangkok right now but I recently returned from a one week visit to my homeland in Cambodia.

This whole trip has been one big soap opera for me filled with all sorts of drama. I thought getting my wife’s visa to come to America was going to be the hardest part. It turns out that getting the visa was easy. However convincing my wife to come to America was a different story! I don’t like writing about my personal problems on my blog but since I already wrote about this whole trip in my past newsletter I feel I need to put some closure to the story.

So here it goes… after getting the Visa I come to find out my wife is deathly afraid of going to America. At least that’s what I assume. I really never know what she thinks because she’s not big into talking about her feelings. I was told this is how a lot of Thai folks deal with their problems. “Don’t talk about the problem and it doesn’t exist.”

She is currently living with her mother out in the country which is about a four hour drive from Bangkok. I can’t call her because her phone is off and that’s how she’s chosen to deal with the issue… no talking, no problem. The only way for me to contact her is to drive out there, which I’ve done twice. Both times she refuses to talk and pretends as if there isn’t a problem. I felt as if I was in the twilight zone, in another dimension where I didn’t exist.

Anyways this whole situation has caught everyone off guard, my family and hers. A few people have told me to try and work it out but I honestly believe that she does not have any feelings for me and The big “D” is inevitable. It’s like she’s so scared to go to America that she’s turn off all of her emotions. Imagine being with a person that can turn of their emotion with a switch, that’s a time bomb waiting to happen.

I’m not upset at her at this point. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Captain Kimo is the type of person who turns lemons into lemonade. It’s going to be very interesting to see what I do with all these lemons. But I do have some ideas which involves Photo Tours and Workshops in the places I know best Cambodia, Thailand and Florida. Right now I still have to work out all the details but I’ll keep everyone posted. In the mean time for all those who haven’t sign up for my Captain Kimo Lifetime Membership you can check it out by clicking here.

So that’s it for now. Usually I have a few videos to share but as you can see I have my mind on other things right now.

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