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Dec 19, 2010 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – Preparing for the Holidays

Being done with my e-book “Secrets to Mastering HDR Photography” feels real good. A project of this magnitude takes a lot of time, especially for a single person. For someone like me it was a big accomplishment because I’m one of those artists who has a hard time staying focused on one particular thing.

The launch of the e-book, in my opinion, was a great success. I contribute the success to all my newsletter subscribers, since 25% of you were the main buyers. So to all of my newsletter subscribers and those who purchased the e-book…

“Thank you for your support!”

Free HDR Tutorial for Newbies Coming Soon

Now that I’ve completed my e-book, I’m finally able to work on other things. The next project is a free HDR tutorial for beginners in PDF format. I’m going to take all my tutorials that are available now on my site and create one massive e-book. I don’t plan on spending to much time to make it pretty, like my main e-book, but at least now it will be much easier to read. Note, this tutorial will only be available to newsletter subscribers!

Free Christmas Tree Tutorial in E-book Format

For those who missed out on this post, I created a quick tutorial on creating an HDR image of a Christmas Tree. This tutorial is in PDF format for easy reading. Included are the original exposures and Photomatix preset for you to follow along.

Click here to download the e-book.

Captain’s favorite HDR Photos from November

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“Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!”

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