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Oct 21, 2011 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – “Art Show in Gainsville”
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By the time you read this newsletter I will be in Gainsville showing my work at an art show. This event is being organized by my buddy Nick, an old friend from high school. This art show is to benefit the local Humane Society. The three photos above will be the photos being displayed there. I’ll be posting some pics of the event on Facebook, so add me to your list and you’ll see them there.

Food for Thought Photography Exhibition
The image above is Grandma preparing chipmuck which will be displayed at the Gallery of Hope. This event is being organized by Focus on Philanthropy to benefit Sarah’s Kitchen. If you want to come out and meet Captain Kimo to help support this charitable event, the opening reception is on, Friday, November 4th, 2011 from 7pm-9pm. For more info about Focus on Philanthropy and Food for Thought click here.

Traveling Back to Thailand and Cambodia
It’s back to Southeast Asia for Captain Kimo. I’ll be leaving in November and coming back just before Christmas. I don’t plan on shooting much while I’m there. Most of my time will be spent catching up with family life. However I will be working on my 30 Days in Thailand book, which was an eBook at first, but I’m going to publish it as a real book through instead. I’m excited about getting it done because it will be my first printed book :-)

Captain Kimo eBook Tutorial Update
My latest eBook on texturing is almost complete! The goal is to have it done before I fly off to Thailand. Once I’m done, the next eBook to be added to the CK eBook List will be about nighttime photography, shooting and post processing night scenes. I’ll be focusing mainly on photographing the Moon, Lightning and the Milky Way. There is no completion date yet but I’ll keep you posted.

New Toy Canon s90 Compact Camera
I took a trip to Key West a few weeks back. This wasn’t a photography outing but a weekend-get-away with some friends. I brought my gear but came back with zero photos! That’s because I didn’t feel like carrying it around. I ended up shooting with a point and shoot camera borrowed from one of my buddies. That’s when I fell in love, so small yet so versatile! When I got back home I started researching compact cameras and ended up with this Canon s90, a 10mp camera with manual controls that shoots in RAW… but the best part, it fits in my pocket! Sample pics to follow.

Captain’s favorite HDR Photos from September
All my personal favorite photos published on September, for those who haven’t had time to visit
Click here to download all HDR photos (*zipped)!

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