Monthly Newsletter – August 2013

Aug 23, 2013 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – “Florida, How I Miss You”

sunset-over-florida-wetlandsTwo months away from home really makes a person miss the sights and sounds from their home town. The photo above was taken last week during sunset over the wetlands in Palm Beach County. I don’t think there is a sunset or sunrise more beautiful than the ones in Florida, and I’m lucky enough to call this my home.

Sleeping Much Better Now That I’m Back Home

old-crooked-bad-back-southeast-asiaI’ve been back in Florida for about a month now and I am sleeping much better. The beds that they have in Thailand and Cambodia are hard as a rock. I think the people there are use to sleeping on the floor so their beds are more like a floor that has been raised up. This would explain all the old people walking around in Southeast Asia with crooked backs. Like the photo above. But I’m not an expert so don’t take me too seriously, lol. Note the photo above is about showing you the culture and life in Cambodia. I have no intentions of making fun of anyone especially my elders.

Changed my Watermark Once Again!

wpid20729-Lunar-Moon-Rise-with-Colorful-Clouds-in-Sky.jpgMy new watermark can be seen with the photo above. I like this version the best because this new watermark shows my signature, has my copyright and has my website. The signature is important because it marks my photo and is a symbol that is easily recognizable. The copyright tells people that the photo belongs to me and it is not an image that they can freely use. And having my website address allows people to find me if they wish to purchase the image.

What I like most about the new watermark is that it fits flawlessly into the photo as if it was a frame. This means more people are willing to share the image and I have noticed more people sharing my photos now with the new watermark versus the old one. This is very important if you’re an artist because you want people to share your work so it can be seen by as many people as possible.

How Many Exposures to Use for HDR?

how-many-exposures-to-use-for-hdr-images-in-high-dynamic-range-photographyThe biggest confusion about shooting HDR is how many exposures to take. In this article I’m going to cover how many exposures to use, when you need more exposures and when you need less.
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Processing Cars in HDR – Video Tutorial

creating-cars-in-hdr-photography-how-to-videoHere’s a video on how I process my car photos in HDR. This one covers my workflow from tone mapping all the way to Photoshop. I show you how to create a very dynamic image that pops out of the screen. Click here to watch the video.

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Captain Kimo Featured on the Glass Slipper Blog

glass-slipper-blogKristi from the Glass Slipper Blog has featured Captain Kimo as a photographer for their Friday’s daily post which displays different photographers from all over the internet. I am honor to be chosen as one of those photographers. You can see the article by clicking here.

Captain Kimo’s Best HDR Photos from July 2013
Here are some of my popular HDR photos from last month.


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