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Creative Texturing eBook by Captain Kimo

My texturing eBook is finally complete! This is the latest edition to my library covering all the basics to texturing with example tutorials. This eBook includes four lessons, one of which covers my method that I use to make textures. This package also includes 100 premium textures created by the Captain!

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Captain Kimo’s HDR Portrait E-book

Coming soon! Captain Kimo’s HDR Portrait e-book which includes a killer Photoshop Action and 15 Photomatix presets for tone mapping single exposure HDR for producing cool high dynamic range portraits.

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Captain Kimo’s Photoshop Action

The Captain Kimo Photoshop Action is complete! This is the action that I’ve been using for my HDR images to get the Captain Kimo look. Now you too can get the same look with this easy to use action. Requires Topaz Adjust, Topaz Denoise and Topaz Clean.

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HDR How to Guide

Welcome to Captain Kimo’s HDR How to Guide. This tutorial is the foundation of my HDR technique, written for the beginner HDR photographer. Below are

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People Self Portrait HDR People

HDR Portrait Tutorial

Create stunning HDR portraits of people using a high dynamic range technique developed specifically for shooting portraits. This is HDR without the grungy look.

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Picture of Original Exposure

About HDR Photography

If you think HDR stands for High Definition Resolution… that would be a good assumption. If we were talking about TVs, you probably would have been right. But this site isn’t about TVs it’s about photography. And in photography HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.

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What’s Needed for HDR

Chapter Two of Captain Kimo’s HDR How-to Guide In this chapter we will discuss the items you will need to create HDR photographs. You won’t

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Shooting HDR

Chapter Three of Captain Kimo’s HDR How-to Guide Setting your camera to shoot HDR might seem daunting at first but I assure you it’s painless.

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HDR Enhancement

Learn to enhance your HDR images using Topaz Adjust and Topaz DeNoise. This is the 5th and final chapter to my HDR How-to Guide.

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