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Feb 21, 2010 | tutorials, videos

Chapter Four

of Captain Kimo’s HDR How-to Guide

Photomatix LogoIt’s time to create our HDR photo using the exposures taken from Chapter 3. We create our HDR photo by combining the exposures together and to do this we’ll need HDR software. The software I use is called Photomatix. Click here to learn more about Photomatix Pro.

Photomatix Video and Step-by-Step Instructions

Using Photomatix to create your HDR image is quite simple. Below is video that will guide you through it.

Step 1 – Photomatix Guide

Once you’ve download and installed Photomatix launch the program. Click the Generate HDR image button on the left menu window.

Photomatix HDR Guide - Step One

Step 2 – Photomatix Guide

A new window will appear. Click the Browse button.

Step 3 – Photomatix Guide

Another window will open allowing you to select the exposures you want to merge. Select your exposures and click Open.

Photomatix HDR Guide - Step Three

Step 4 – Photomatix Guide

After you’ve selected your exposures. Click the OK button.

Photomatix HDR Guide - Step Four

Step 5 – Photomatix Guide

Generate HDR – Options window will appear. Don’t worry about any options and click the OK button.

Photomatix HDR Guide - Step Five

Step 6 – Photomatix Guide

Your not done yet. You still need to tone map this photo to properly display your HDR image. Click on the Tone Mapping button to begin tone mapping your image.

Photomatix HDR Guide - Step Six

Step 7 – Photomatix Guide

Don’t let all the sliders fool you into thinking this is complicated. You won’t even use most of them. Every photo is different so you will need to play around with the settings to get the result you want.

PhotPhotomatix HDR Guide Tone Mapping - Step Seven

Step 8 – Photomatix Guide

Once you’re done adjusting your settings click the Process button.

Photomatix HDR Guide Process Tone Map - Step Eight

Step 9 – Photomatix Guide

Your done… see how easy that was! Don’t forget to save your photo. Go to File menu and click Save As… and save it somewhere on your computer. Congratulations! You just created your first HDR photo.

Photomatix HDR Guide Save HDR - Step Nine

Final HDR Photograph

Below is the final HDR result from Photomatix. I also included the original exposure for reference. So tell me… do you prefer the original or the HDR image?

HDR Photograph
Final HDR with Tonemaping from Photomatix HDR Software

Original Photograph
Original Exposure without Tone Map not HDR

Enhancing Your HDR Photograph

My HDR technique involves one more step. I take it into Photoshop and enhance it using Topaz Adjust. Proceed to the last chapter to make your HDR image even more amazing!

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