Monthly Newsletter – March 2012

Captain’s Status – “Photographing Florida”

captain kimo on suspesion bridge over hillsborough river 490x326 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012This month I’ve been busy traveling to different places in Florida to photograph and add them to my portfolio/bucket list. I’m hoping to get a lot done before I fly back to Thailand to see my family. That means I only have 2 months left. The self portrait above was taken on a suspension bridge at the Hillsborough River State Park. This park is located north east of Tampa, Florida. For locals it’s a great place to spend time with family and friend. After visiting the park I’ve added it to Captain Kimo’s top places to visit in Florida.

 Wildlife Photos Added to CaptainKimo.comPair of Great Blue Herons Buidling Nest at Wakodahatchee 490x326 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012Lately I’ve been adding more wildlife photos to my blog post. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback so I plan on posting more of it in the future. I want to add more diversity to and hopefully this will attract a new crowd of photographers to the site. The Great Blue Heron photo above was taken at Wakodahatchee Wetlands Preserve in Delray Beach, Florida. Photographing birds is a secret passion of mine but I’ve only recently started to post bird pics.

Beginner YouTube Video on Photoshop Layers

photoshop layers video tutorial Monthly Newsletter   March 2012Captain Kimo is doing a series of YouTube videos for beginners to cover the basic elements of Photoshop. Using Photoshop Layers is an important part of my post processing workflow so I’ve decided to start the series off with this tutorial.

New Video Tutorial for Captain Kimo Members

hdr panorama 490x200 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012This HDR panorama was a very popular photo last month so I decided to do a video on it. In this video I’ll show you how I process my high dynamic range panos. HDR Panorama Video will be available by the end of March. If you’re a CK Member expect a email soon with a download link. And for those waiting for an update to the Captain Kimo Photoshop Action, you’ll also receive that as well.

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Captain Kimo’s Best HDR Photos from February 2012
Below is my favorite HDR photos from last month.

West Palm Beach Downtown Skyline at Sunset from Flagler Bridge 490x326 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012Mangrove Trees During Sunrise at Lake Worth Lagoon Singer Island 490x326 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012Little Mangrove Island at Sunset Over Lake Worth Lagoon 490x326 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012Moon Rise at Juno Beach Fishing Pier 490x326 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012Wave Breaking Shore at Jupiter Beach Florida 490x735 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012US1 Bridge Crossing Intracosatal at Jupiter Florida 490x326 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012Storm Brewing Over Loxahatchee Slough Wetlands Palm Beach County 490x735 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012Jettys Restaurant Jupiter Florida Sunset at Marina 490x250 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012Lilypad Lake at Sunset Palm Beach Gardens Florida 490x326 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012American Bald Eagle Flying in Cloudy Sky 490x326 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012Snowy White Egret Hunting for Fish Everglades Florida 490x336 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012Monk Parakeet Flying Flying in Sky 490x490 Monthly Newsletter   March 2012

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  1. Scott

    When you do HDR on moving objects like birds, etc. do you still take a minimum of 3 frames, or one frame on then deit the photo?

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