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May 9, 2013 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – “Back in Florida but Not for Long”

Captain Kimo Loxahatchee River Canoeing Adventure from Outfitters JupiterThe Captain is back in Florida trying to destress from the last dramatic trip that took place in Thailand. Being back home in Florida with family and friends has helped me to keep focus on the simple things in life. Taking time to smell the roses can make a person really appreciate what they have. Now that I’m reenergized I’m prepared to go back to Thailand to take care of my situation with a positive attitude. I’ll keep everyone posted with photos from my trip. I plan on visiting some new places while I’m there and try to make the best out of my travels.

The above photo was taken from the Loxahatchee River during a canoe trip. For those of you who are locals, now is the time to go. Everything is lush and green, and the weather is still cool with little humidity. The best place to rent a canoe is from Riverbend Park at Canoe Outfitters.

Captain Kimo’s Newest HDR Video Tutorials
Last month I had the time to do some new video tutorials. Below are two videos that I recorded. The first video is how I post processed the Banyan Trees from Bridge Road. The second video is how I post processed the full moon at a local neighborhood in Palm Beach Gardens. Click the image below to watch the video.

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Photoshop Stripping Moon into HDR Photo by Captain Kimo

Captain’s Photo on Card by Florida Community Bank
I always enjoy seeing how some of my photos end up in the commercial world. And I think most of you also like seeing how these images are being used as well. Below is my image on a sample credit card to be used by Florida Community Bank.


Captain Kimo’s Best HDR Photos from April 2013
Here are some of my popular HDR photos from last month.


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