Monthly Newsletter – June 2012

Jun 22, 2012 | newsletter

Captain Status – Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

I am currently in Phuket, Thailand, which is literally on the other side of the world from my home in Florida. The photo above was taken at Patong Beach. I went for a little artistic touch with this photo to add some fun to the image. I used Topaz Simplify to create a painterly look from a 3 exposure HDR image that was processed using Photomatix Pro.

Patong Beach is NOT a place I would recommend if you want to see a beautiful exotic beach in Phuket. I visited Patong once before at night and because of that I didn’t see the garbage scattered all over the sand. It’s so bad I wouldn’t dare walk the beach barefooted! For a much nicer beach near by I would recommend Kata Beach.

However for everything else Patong is a great tourist destination with plenty of things to do, lots of shopping and great restaurants. The Patong area is great for travelers who speak English because most of the locals there can speak it fluently.

Reader Digest Publishes Captain Kimo Alligator Photo!

Earlier last month I was contacted by Reader Digest from the UK division for purchase rights to use one of my Florida Alligator photo for a travel article about the Everglades. I didn’t think I was going to get a copy of the magazine here in Thailand. But while I was in Patong Beach at one of the book stores I found one copy of the book… the last one there! It cost me 10USD but it was well worth the price to see my image in a popular magazine read by millions of people.

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Canon Rebel T3 and Tamron 18-270mm Lens Perfect Travel Combination for Captain Kimo.

As most of you already know I changed my Travel Photography setup for something more portable and versatile but still capable of producing good quality images. This new camera setup I got with the Canon Rebel T3 and the Tamron 18-270mm lens is working out perfect! It covers my entire range of lenses from wide, telephoto and even a macro lens. I’ll do write up and review on both items later this month for those interested in my new setup.

New Video Tutorials for Captain Kimo Members.

While I’m in Thailand I’ll be working on some new tutorials for Captain Kimo Lifetime Members. However I won’t publish them until I get the new “Members Only” website up and running. This way Lifetime Members will have fresh content when the site is complete. I’ll also be doing a bunch of free Youtube tutorials which I’ll post sometime next month. These tutorials will cover the use of Topaz Plugins for each filter. Look for those to be posted in July.

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Captain Kimo’s Best HDR Photos from May 2012
Here are some of my popular HDR photos from last month.


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