Captain Kimo’s Newsletter – August 2010

Aug 18, 2010 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – Back in Palm Beach Gardens!

I’ve been back home for about three weeks now, from my Cambodia/Thailand trip. One of the things being away from home (especially for 3 months) does is makes you forget and miss the everyday scene that you were accustomed to. So as soon as I got my new camera, I went to the beach and photographed the sunrise. Words can’t describe how much I miss watching the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean and Florida’s beautiful beaches!

Captain’s New Camera – Canon 5D MarkII

For those of you out of the loop, both my camera’s broke while I was away in Thailand. Ironically it was from shooting the same scene! Fortunately I was able to make do with my camcorder, check out one of my HDR images here.

After calling Canon’s support department about my broken cameras, I was given an options to upgrade to a newer model. Since they gave me an excellent trade-in value  for my broken 5D MK1 ($1K to be exact), I decided to stick with Canon… for now.

Upcoming Post – Photomatix 4.0 Beta Review

HDRSoft has released the beta version of their latest Photomatix Pro high dynamic range software. It’s available for download at their website for anyone interested in checking it out.

Minus the minor difference in the user interface, nothing much has changed. However, the new Photomatix 4.0’s ability to reduce ghosting seems promising. I’ll do a full review of the new release in a separate post later this week. The above beach photo was processed using Photomatix Pro 4.0 Beta.

Upcoming Events – Clyde Butcher’s Open House Gallery and Swamp Walk Tour

Clyde ButcherClyde Butcher invites you to attend his annual Labor Day Weekend Muck~Abouts. Check out the Big Cypress Gallery and take a tour of the swamps. For more information about the open house and tour click here.

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