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May 28, 2013 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – “Exploring Cambodia”

Captain Kimo at Phnom Ek Ruins in Battambang CambodiaThe Captain is back in Cambodia, Battambang to be exact, but this is just where I’ll be staying while I do some major traveling around my homeland. The past three years I’ve spent most of my time in Thailand, but now it’s time to move on. As beautiful as Thailand is there is so much more to see in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam and Laos. I’ll be posting daily photos from my trip so be sure to visit for the latest photos.

The above photo was taken at Wat Ek Phnom in Battambang, Cambodia. My Aunt tells me many people were killed here during Pol Pot’s rule. My Aunt said she was almost a victim twice but because she was illiterate she was spared. During Pol Pot’s time 1 to 3 million Cambodians died and if you were able to read or write you were guaranteed a death sentence. This is why Cambodia’s economy has struggle since the 70’s. But now the country seems to be moving very rapidly with many new businesses opening everwhere I look.

Captain Kimo Changes Signature and Watermark
As you can see with the above photo I’ve changed my watermark once again. The reason for this change is due to a lot of factors. The main reason however is because I’ve decided to focus on selling my work as stock images. I’ve seen a dramatic increase this year for the use of my photos commercially. But I know a lot of companies are using my images commercially without payment. I’m hoping by incorporating the watermark across the middle of the photo it will help push sales. Using My Images Commercially or Not?
captain-kimo-hdr-image-being-used-by-kayak-dot-comRyan Sexton from has informed me about the above screenshot. While doing a search on Google for Kayak you can see my image pops up in the box on the right. When the link is clicked it goes to a Kayak’s Google Plus page. I’ve been seeing this a lot lately, companies are using photographer’s images in their social network. So the question I have is this… When companies use our images in this way is it considered sharing or is a clever way of using people’s images without paying them?

Captain Kimo’s Latest HDR Video Tutorial
I had time to do one last video before flying off to Cambodia. This video is more of a random tutorial on my workflow involving Picasa and how I use it as a photo album to work between programs. Click on the image below to watch the video.


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Captain Kimo’s Best HDR Photos from May 2013
Here are some of my popular HDR photos for the month of May.


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