Monthly Newsletter – December 2012

Dec 28, 2012 | newsletter

Captain’s Status – “Ready for 2013”

Sunrise at Coral Cove Park with 2013 Written on BeachThe New Year is right around the corner and I am ready for it! With all this end of the world nonsense I’m looking forward to a year without the apocalypse for a change, lol. I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year. I”ll see you in 2013!

Free Captain Kimo Photoshop Action

captain-kimo-topaz-plugin-actionI was going to make this Photoshop Action a part of the Captain Kimo Lifetime Members Package but I decided to give it out for free. This action is kinda similar to the Topaz Action that I created already but less intense. You will need the latest Topaz Bundle to use the Photoshop Action. I will do a video next month on how to use it. Note this action is still a work in progress so only a few photos come out looking good.

> Click Here to Download the Captain Kimo Action

Three Time Lapse Videos Posted to Youtube!

three-hdr-time-lapse-video-captain-kimoThis month I’ve been processing a lot of HDR time lapse videos. And all these videos have been shot by my Canon Rebel T3 and batch processed using Photomatix Pro. I’m still ironing out my workflow but you can see the results from the three videos below.

> 1. Jupiter Beach Sunrise at Coral Cove
> 2. Hutchinson Island Sunrise at Beach
> 3. Sunset Over North Palm Golf Course

DIY DSLR Camera Slider for Time Lapse Photography

DIY DSLR Camera Slider with Motor for Time Lapse PhotographyHere’s a fun project I did this past week. It’s a DIY Camera Slider for my time lapse photography videos. I plan on buying a professional rig but I wanted to build one first for fun. These rigs can be pretty expensive with a complete setup costing around $1,000. I built this one for under $40!

Click Here to Watch the DIY DSLR Camera Slider Video

Captain Kimo’s Best HDR Photos from November 2012
Here are some of my popular HDR photos from last month.


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