Storm Approaching Paradise – Coral Island, Phuket, Thailand

Jul 31, 2010 | Landscapes & Scenery, Travel & Culture

Even paradise is not impervious to the rain which has drench Phuket this entire week. But as sudden as it appeared, it vanished over the mountains. Leaving us with a wonderful day to enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters of Coral Island.

I enjoyed swimming and snorkeling around the island. There are coral reefs all over the shoreline, (hence the name) with fishes swimming fearlessly everywhere, even around the people.

There are times when I wish I had a underwater camera, and this was one of those moments. Even a cheap point-and-shoot would have done fine, since the water was that clear.

Software Used for Processing Photo:
– Used for creating high dynamic range.
Topaz Adjust
– Photoshop plugin used to enhance details.
Topaz DeNoise
– Photoshop plugin used to eliminate noise.
Topaz Clean
Photoshop plugin used to smooth pixels.

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Photography Style: High Dynamic Range
Digital Camera Used: Canon 20D
Lens Used:
Canon 18-200mm
Photo Location:
Coral Island, Phuket, Thailand