Rocking Away at the Driftwood Resort

Mar 5, 2010 | Landscapes & Scenery, Vero Beach

This Saturday I had a photowalk with the Vero Beach photography group at the Driftwood Resort. This hotel is actually listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. The Driftwood Resort was founded in 1935 by Waldo¬†Sexton and placed in the registry in 1994. As the name would insinuate the resort is entirely built from driftwood. If you’re into wood textures, this wood* be a great place to take pictures.

It seems lately like I’m getting up earlier and earlier to take photographs and since I don’t go to bed till around 2-3am thats bad for me. So now my sleep schedule is all messed up. Oh well, the things I do in the name of photography.