Upcoming Articles, Reviews, Tutorials and Updates for captainkimo.com

Dec 7, 2010 | misc

Now that I’m finally done with the e-book, I can start working on other things. A lot of this stuff is just articles and reviews, but the two I think most of you will be interested in is the updated tutorials in PDF format.

Here’s my to-do list of all the stuff I plan on doing for captainkimo.com…

  • Create a PDF version of all my free tutorials and put them into one massive e-book. This will be the most complete HDR guide available on the internet for free. It will cover everything HDR photography including HDR Portraits, Single Exposure HDR, Timelapse HDR, Panoramic HDR and much more! And this e-book will only be available for newsletter subscribers ;-)
  • Complete PDF guide on how I use Topaz Photoshop Bundle in my workflow. A lesson will be provided for each plugin showing you how I use each one in my processing.
  • Article on all the FREE HDR software available for PC. Sorry MAC user, I believe all the free stuff is PC only but I’ll do a thorough research and see what I can dig up. However you can always run a Windows emulator on your MAC. Did this back in my graphic design days and it worked pretty well.
  • I want to do a complete update and review of all the HDR software for 2011. This one will be a little more in-depth than the last post.
  • My photo gallery sucks, so I plan on redoing it completely. Also updating my entire archive so people can easily buy photos they like through the gallery.

Well that’s it… there are more smaller things but these are the major ones that I would like to get don’t before the new year. If there’s anything that you’ld like to see done just let me know.