Captain Kimo Hits 1,000 Visitors a Day

Dec 10, 2010 | misc

I had a goal to get 1000 visitors to visit for a single day, before the new year. I finally hit that number last night! For some websites this number is minuscule but for me it marks a milestone in my blogging endeavors. Last year about the same time I was only able to get 80 visitors to my site, so that shows how much has grown in a single year. Now if I can maintain the same growth rate for 2011, which would bring the number to 10K visitors daily, I will be a very happy photo blogger. I doubt I’ll hit that number by the end of 2011 but my new goal now is the 10k mark!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me make it this far! I am but a mere mortal without your support.

Best wishes for a great new year to all.


-Captain Kimo