Jupiter Lighthouse May 2013

May 20, 2013 | Lighthouses

wpid19626-Lightning-Storm-Behind-the-Light-Jupiter-Lighthouse-May-2013.jpgThe Jupiter Lighthouse is one of my favorite lighthouses in Florida. Not because I live close to it but because it’s truly one of the most beautiful lighthouse in the country.  The advantage to living 20 minutes away from such a beautiful lighthouse is that I get to take many photos of it. In which case I have plenty of images sitting in the archive from different times of the year. Some of my favorite Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse shots have lightning strikes in it. As a photographer I’m always trying to catch an image that other photographers don’t have. Lightning shots are unique because not too many photographers are willing to get electrocuted.

Note that these are all non-HDR images with minor post processing done in Adobe Lightroom. To see a list of my HDR Jupiter Lighthouse photos please click here.

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