Ter-Tech’s BMW Drifting at Palm Beach International Raceway

Mar 6, 2012 | Motorsports

Photographing Ter-Tech’s BMW drift car at night while it was drifting the track was one of the most difficult shoots I’ve done yet. When the car is still it’s easy to get a good quality image. But as soon as it on the track, with low light, I had to shoot at 6400ISO with a 200mm f/2.8 lens. I only use 6400ISO for playing around. This was the first time I was forced to use it for an entire shoot. A few of the images were usable but they still required a lot of post processing.

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Software I use for processing my photos:
Picasa – Free photo management program.
Photomatix – Used for creating high dynamic range.
Topaz Plugins – Photoshop enhancement plugin.
PS Elements – Used for post processing HDR images.
Lightroom – For adding the finishing touch.

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