Standing Strong Ficus Tree Frames Serene Lake Catherine at Twilight

Nov 8, 2023 | Palm Beach Gardens

As dusk settled on Palm Beach Gardens, I captured a serene scene at Lake Catherine Park. The calm waters reflected the vibrant sunset – streaks of pink, orange, and purple painted the clouds overhead. A venerable ficus stood watch at the water’s edge, its expansive trunk and tangled roots weathered by time. The tree’s branches stretched upward, almost as if standing guard over the tranquil park. Across the shimmering lake, I could see the rooftops of local residences beginning to light up for the evening. The mirror-like surface of the lake captured the beauty of the dwindling daylight. A sense of peace and tranquility emanated from this natural haven in the midst of suburbia. The photo evokes the transition from day to night, sunlight to starlight, in the Florida town I call home.

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