Secrets to Mastering HDR Photography is more than just an eBook, it’s a Lifetime Membership to all my premium tutorials. For one low price you get quality eBooks and videos tutorials about HDR Photography. There is no extra cost after you buy. You’ll receive all my current eBooks and videos, as well as future tutorials by email. You won’t find a training course like this anywhere!
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Includes Everything Below…

Secrets to Mastering HDR Photography
This 210 page eBook will teach you all of my advance techniques with many easy to follow tutorials. Unlike other HDR books, this one fills in all the gaps and shows you all my secrets.
Captain Kimo’s HDR Portrait eBook
This 70 page eBook will teach you how to produce cool single exposure HDR portraits. I’ll show you how to create 3 different looks from one Photoshop Action that’s included with this eBook package.
Creative Texturing by Captain Kimo
Learn how to add textures to your HDR images and turn them into works of art. Included with this 75 page eBook are files for four lessons, and 100 premium textures.
Captain Kimo’s Photoshop Action
This is a Photoshop Action that I created to use with my HDR images. I designed it to make my photo editing process easier. This action works with Photoshop CS and Elements.
Full Moon Video Tutorial
Twenty (20) minute video tutorial on how I process a full moon HDR image. Includes working files and PSD file with layers. This is a video on post processing only. I will do a separate video on getting the exposure soon. Click here to watch the intro
HDR Panorama Video Tutorial
Twenty (20) minute video tutorial on how I process an HDR Panorama image. I’ll show you how to stitch a Pano in Photoshop and batch process HDR in Photomatix. Click here to watch the intro
HDR Compositing Video Tutorial
Fifteen (15) minute video tutorial on how I add clouds to an Eagle in-flight photo to create a single exposure HDR image. I’ll show you how I process and create pseudo HDR images in Photomatix Pro. Click here to watch the intro

Secrets to Mastering HDR Photography

Captain Kimo’s HDR Portrait eBook

  • Produce Single Exposure HDR Portraits
    eBook with 70 Pages, Guide and 3 Tutorials
  • Photoshop HDR Portrait Action
    Require Topaz Photoshop Plugin Bundle
  • Photo-Stylize Tutorial
    Tutorial for Creating Stylized Photos – View Before & After
  • Photo-Illustrative Tutorial
    Tutorial for Creating Illustrative Photos – View Before & After
  • Photo-Artistic Tutorial
    Tutorial for Creating Artistic Photos – View Before & After
  • 18 Photomatix Presets
    Presets for Tone Mapping Single Exposure RAW

Captain Kimo’s Photoshop Action

  • Photoshop Action by Captain Kimo
    Requires Topaz Photoshop Bundle
  • Simple One Click Play
    Simple to Use on Any Image
  • Step by Step Guide
    Easy to follow instruction for using action.
  • Easy Customization
    Layer adjustment makes customization simple.

Photoshop Action Before and After Images Below.

Creative Texturing by Captain Kimo

This 64 page eBook has three lesson on how to texture your HDR photos. There is also a fourth lesson that will show you how to create your own textures. This eBook includes 100 premium textures for you to use on your own images.

Who are these eBooks for?

  • If you use Photoshop CS or Elements for processing and would like some killer tips to improve your images… then these eBooks are for you!
  • If you need a better understanding of Photomatix Pro and the tone mapping options… then these eBooks are for you!
  • If you want to spice up your HDR images using Photoshop…then these eBooks are for you!
  • If you have the Topaz Photoshop Bundle and want to learn cool ways to use them… then these eBooks are for you!
  • If you’ve ever wondered how I produced any of my photos… then these eBooks are for you!

If you want a lifetime of knowledge at no extra cost…
then these eBooks are for you!

Rob Hanson from writes about Captain Kimo and his eBook.

I first encountered Kim “Captain Kimo” Seng by the recommendation of a mutual friend who said that Kim was freely sharing tips and techniques on his website. Sure enough, on one of my first forays to Kim’s site, I picked up several valuable techniques that I still use regularly.

Since then, I’ve been a steady admirer of Kim’s outstanding HDR work and a frequent visitor to his site. I never walk away empty-handed, as Kim keeps putting his work, his ideas, and his personality ‘out there’ for all to see.

Today’s HDR marketplace is packed full of websites, blogs, and tutorials, and amongst these there are a few people who have risen to luminary status within the community. To get to that level, one has to have solid and consistent output, a steady visible presence, and be willing to share information freely with the rest of us. Kim has all three of those qualities.

This ebook is packed with goodies and information that will be useful to novices and more experienced HDR photographers alike. (I was taking notes while reading it.) Unlike some offerings in the marketplace, this ebook ‘over-delivers’ information relative to its affordable price, and that’s the Captain Kimo I’ve come to know. The tutorials are clear and concise, and the photographs are beautiful. In the book, Kim says that he’s always adapting and innovating, seeking to improve his photography. It’s hard to imagine, but if he does, I’m sure he’ll let us know how it’s done, and that’s a beautiful thing in its own right.

-Rob Hanson

What other shutterbugs and HDR lovers are saying about, “Secrets to Mastering HDR Photography.”

“I highly recommend this eBook. Excellent work on all levels. Information is thorough, user friendly and well written. Use of typefaces is professional. Design and layout is professional, clean, and easy to follow. Also pleasant use of white space.”

-Linda King- Designer/Photographer

“Very informative and professional. I think you did a great job and I’m not just saying that.”

-Bruce W.

“You have written an exceptional eBook. I have read several books on processing HDR photos but your book has risen to the top. I am recommending it to our photo club as must reading. You should submit it to a publisher.”


“Kim, this is so well done!!! I love the amount of detail and step by step information you put into this. I love your dedication!!! It shocked me at first, but in a good way. Love it!”


“Truly, I’m VERY impressed. Love the layout and simplicity of the instructions. I’ve read a number of HDR books and your book is super easy to follow, especially for those who are new to this.”


“I have every hard copy book, every ebook and every DVD I could find on HDR and yours is by the far the best I’ve seen. What I like about it most, is the detail and explanation you go into on each step in the final HDR process.”


About the Author

I’ve been post processing images for over a decade. I graduated from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale receiving Best of Portfolio with a degree in Computer Graphics and Animation. Since 1998 I’ve worked professionally as a graphic artist, web designer and illustrator. Currently, I work as a freelance landscape/travel photographer earning commission through my photos. My blog is dedicated solely to the art of HDR photography. I update this blog regularly with photos, tutorials, articles, and reviews… all of which is related to high dynamic range photography.

Captain Kimo’s Guarantee

I know I can’t please everyone. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, I will refund you your money back. To receive Captain Kimo’s guarantee, you must request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

31 Responses

  1. A great effort, well done! Details step by step explanation together with great photos. With an affordable price tag, its an excellent reference guide for beginners and pros.

  2. Question: when one purchases your ebooks from you, how are they accessed? Does the buyer go to your website each time? Does he download the book onto his personal computer? Is it supported on an iPad? What do you think is the best way for a user to access your library? Greg

  3. Kim, just used the HDR Action, with amazing results. Thank you for taking the time to post instructions with the action. Very easy to follow. Take Care

  4. First off, fantastic work! I processed a couple of HDR photos I took a while ago and the results are astonishing :) I just had one question and maybe you’ve ran into this before, but I am attempting to load all of your presets into Photomatix for tone mapping and cannot get them to load in the program. I copied all of them to the “BuiltinPresents” folder and they just don’t pull up in the program under either the “built in” or “my presets” tabs. I’m using Photomatix Pro 4 if you have any suggestions?

  5. I used to live in Hollywood, Fl and knew many students of the Art Institute. Great pix on your site. I am mainly a wedding photographer and I am getting into real estate interiors and someone recommended HDR. Wow the pictures on your site look great. I want to learn and yet I hate Paypal. I suppose I shall have to break down and get into Paypal to get your book. I had a vendor rip me off using paypal and they would not make it right. I am not worried about you and the $20. I hope I have time to read your ebook that is…

    Do you think Photomatrix is the best HDR software?

    I hope it is not too hard to learn for an old guy like me. I use picasa for my editing…

  6. I just bought your ebook and Photomatix Pro. So far I’m very impressed.

    The biggest problem I have is mapping your Photomatix explanations to the current (4.1.x) version of Photomatix. As I am sure you have noticed the newest version has renamed the sliders and done some rearranging.

    Are you going to update your ebook for the new version?

    Would you mind discussing how the new controls are mapped into the “old” controls.

  7. Months ago I came across an image posted by Kim (Captain Kimo) on Flickr, the image was something I had never encountered before. I am 53, a point and shoot photographer and was never really interested in photo enhancement or post processing until that day. It was my first look at an HDR image, Kim “Captain Kimo” described in detail how the image was taken, what software was used and if there were any questions, I could email Kim directly. I was hooked, I emailed Kim and received awesome help on the basics of what I needed to do to get my HDR processing started. Kim (Captain Kimo) has been there every step of my HDR process. Kim has taken time out of his busy schedule to help a total stranger.

    My HDR process using Kim techniques caught the eye of my local newspaper and hometown area folks. People are amazed and always ask if these images are paintings. Most folks are very surprised that a camera and very inexpensive software made this happen. Kim fills the gap between camera/computer and final image. The easy part is taking the picture and getting it to the computer, the hard part are the presets, the tweaking, the little things done in Photoshop/ Photomatix Pro that Kim explained so plainly for me to understand. I am indebted to his kindness and patience.

    I am still working through the ebook chapters taking notes along the way. The ebook thus far is filled with tips and items I had not considered, the price is awesome, the future pictures I produced from the information found in this book will not equal. Kim, thank you for your hard work with HDR.

    Steve Rich

  8. Hi Captain Kimo:

    Loved your e-book; everything except the Photoshop lessons. You see I just purchased Photoshop Elements 9 and am still learning my way around in that. It appears I should have spent the extra buck on Photoshop or is there a workaround in PSe for your PS tips? Otherwise the Photomatix walk-thru was worth the price of your book. Still a devoted fan.


  9. My dear friend, your ebook is fantastic! There are a lot of tips to use Photoshop and photomatix. With your ebook we can realize magnificent photos in HDR. Thank you and a big bravo to you!

  10. Kim, I just purchased and downloaded your ebook. It looks amazing! Very professional. Just the right amount of detail. Much better than the other well known ebook I recently purchased. This is well worth the cost!

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