Palm Beach Garden’s PGA Boulevard Bridge

Mar 5, 2010 | Landscapes & Scenery, Palm Beach Gardens

This is a HDR photograph taken in Palm Beach Gardens of the PGA Boulevard Bridge. A friend got me interested in this spot when he emailed me a photograph of this bridge.

I drive by this bridge probably once a week. There was a few times when I’ve seen a good shot as the sun was setting but I never had my camera with me at the time. This time it was different. I had my camera and I was ready to capture a nice bridge with the sun setting in the background.

If you’re a local Palm Beach Gardens resident and you plan on going to shoot the PGA bridge from this vantage point, I’m going to warn you now, beware of the ants! No joke, these ants are everywhere. They’re not fire ants, thank goodness, but their numbers are unbelievable.

This HDR image was merged in Photomatix and processed in Photoshop. Not to much processing went on with this photo. I applied Topaz Adjust slightly to the clouds and masked out the rest of the area. Tweaked the levels a tad and burned in the clouds and dodged out the bridge.

That was pretty much it. It seems like the more advance I get, the less time I spend processing. Which is nice because I don’t enjoy spending to much time processing an image. I feel that if you process the image to much you lose the quality of the photo.