Miami City Downtown Skyline Panoramic HDR Photo After Sunset form Watson Island

Nov 9, 2013 | Cityscapes, Florida

Above Miami photo is the result of a multiple image attached together to create a panorama of the Miami City Skyline. See below for a list of more images during my trip to Miami to photograph the city and downtown area including South Beach.


MacArthur Bridge Miami at Night


Port of Miami


Lifeguard at South Beach Miami

Miami International Airport Floirda Sunrise Airplane HDR Photography

Miami Airport


Lighthouse Lifeguard Tower


Miami Marina at Inlet


Miami Inlet Park


Sunrise at Miami Beach


Seagrass Miami Florida


Beautiful Sunrise at the South Beach

Here is my HDR panoramic from Miami of the downtown skyline. Photo was taken over this past weekend with some friends… Scott from Adventure Photowalk, Bruce from Sunny State Photo and Angela from The evening clouds could have been better. These type of clouds tend to muddy up the image. But I won’t complain since it could have rained all evening, which would have made it worse.