Large Full Moon Over Stuart Florida at the St Lucie River

Nov 9, 2023 | Stuart

The moon takes its final bow over the St. Lucie River in this serene predawn photo captured in Stuart, Florida. As night softly fades, the moon’s rich amber glow radiates a farewell light over the calm, misty waters. The river gently winds past the darkened silhouettes of riverside homes and slumbering trees, not yet touched by the rising sun’s rays. Dawn’s tranquil beauty is on full display, with the moon’s luminous orb magnificently juxtaposed against the night sky’s shifting blue hues. This elegantly composed shot is a reminder of nature’s daily transition from night to day. As darkness reticently recedes, glimmers of gold begin to permeate the landscape, heralding the coming of a new sunrise – and a new day filled with possibility.

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