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Letter from the Captain,

I get asked daily for permission to use my photographs. Most people expect these images to be free… they are to an extent. As much as I would love to give my images out for free, the reality is, I still need to make a living. Producing compelling images is my passion but it’s also my profession, and I can only do this with your support.

Personal Image Usage Rights – Free
Personal use of my image for a non-commercial blog or website is free as long as you credit me for the photo. Also if you are a musician/artist and would like to use my photographs, I’m totally cool with that. I’m all about promoting creativity! However for those of you who need a high resolution file you must purchase the image for personal use. See below on how to buy images.

Commercial Image Usage Rights – $14.95 to $29.95
Commercial license is required for using my photos with any business, company, group or organization, including non-profit and editorial. Image file will be emailed once payment has been received. All images are 300dpi high resolution jpeg format free from watermark. There is no need to credit me when you buy rights to use my images. When payment is made I will also send you a PDF file giving you permission to use my image(s) commercially with your business.

How to Buy Captain Kimo’s Images
To buy an image you will need to make a payment using the Buy Image Links below. Once payment is made you will get an email. Please respond to that email with the image(s) you are requesting. Please include the URL or a description/title of the photo. You can also attach a sample of the image along with the email. Please see the video below for an example of how to buy images.

All purchases are being made through PayPal using and both sites are verified and secure.paypal-ejunkie-secure-payment

Buy Image Links – Price per image depends on the number of images you are requesting. Please use the appropriate link below. If you are buying more than one image please change the Quantity at the checkout page.

1. Click here to Buy One Image (1) – $29.95 each commercial

2. Buy Two or More Images (2+) – $19.95 each commercial

3. Buy Ten or More Images (10+) – $14.95 each commercial

4. For “Personal Use” Click Here – $9.95 each personal

How to Buy Prints for Personal Use
The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to buy a print for personal use is to buy a high resolution file for $9.95 and have a local printing company print it for you. This option is for those who want a print for home or as a gift. Recommended max print size for images is 36″x24″ inches however you can print larger as long as the file is sharpened accordingly.

Finding More Images Using Search Function
To find more images use the search function on the very top right side of this website. The search result page will make it easier to view more of the images you want to see.

Examples of My Photos being Used Commercially
Below are examples of how my images are being used in the business world. It always surprises me where some of them end up!

Above is a photo of me and the Chief of Police in Jupiter Florida, Frank Kitzerow. Frank bought the photo for his office from the Jupiter Lighthouse Museum Gift Shop. If you drop by the gift shop keep an eye out for it. It shouldn’t be too hard to miss, it’s one of the biggest pieces there! Click here to see the original photo.

The alligator photo above was published in a article for Reader Digest about the Everglades. The Everglades is a cool place but I think most people visit the park for the alligators. In that case I recommend Shark Valley for anyone visiting. You’ll get a taste of the Everglades and plenty of alligator photos. Click here to see the original photo.

The photo of the pirate ship above was used for an official stamp for the Pitcairn Islands. Have you ever heard of it? Me too. I had to Google it to find out where it was. Which was out in the middle of nowhere! Click here to see the original photo.

The Jupiter Lighthouse photo above is probably one of my most well known photo for Jupiter, Florida. I’ve had many requests for it to be used on different things. One of the coolest request was for binoculars or Fanoculars to be exact.

florida-community-bank-fcb-credit-card-design-sampleHere is an image that I received from Florida Community Bank with my image on a sample credit card. The above photo was taken on Singer Island Beach during a full moon rise at night. You can see the original photo here.

Note: Downloaded high resolution files can be used for anything but resale of the image in it’s original format. You cannot use the image to print and resell them as a stand-alone product, like a poster or printed postcard. You can use my images for marketing, websites, books, calenders etc… if you’re unsure about how to use the file please contact me using my contact form. All images and files remain the Copyright of Kim Y. Seng.