HDR Photograph of Coral Cove Park at Sunrise

Mar 5, 2010 | Landscapes & Scenery, Tequesta

Another shot of Coral Cove Park but this time during sunrise. I photographed this HDR image a couple of weeks back but never had a chance to sit down and process any photos.

That morning the rain seem to fall from nowhere with no sign of stopping. However it manage to clear up just in time for the sunrise. The clouds at first appeared that they might ruin the shoot but to my surprise it ended up being pretty spectacular.

Makes waking up in the morning worth every cent! I am far from being a morning person. The only thing that gets me moving that early is coffee and the thought of capturing the perfect scene. I think this photograph is close to qualifying for perfect.

On another note, I’ve decided to uninstall Photoshop Elements 7. It’s a great program in it’s own respect but Photoshop CS has options that save me so much more time when post processing. I post processed this HDRI in PSE7 but brought it into PSCS3 to do some small minor tweaks. Also I merge the exposures using Photomatix and slight detail enhancement in Topaz Adjust.