Beach Photography Image from Curacao

Nov 9, 2013 | Sunrises & Sunsets, Travel & Culture

Beach photography image from Curacao one of the most beautiful islands in the world with some of the most amazing beaches. I do a lot of beach photography since I live in Florida and one of the interesting things that make the beaches in Curacao so amazing is the bleach white limestone all over the sand. Check out the gallery below for some of my other beach photography images.

wpid20592-Beach-Chair-Sunrise-Florida.jpgjuno-piernaples-fishing-pier-sunset-at-beachBoynton Beach Ocean Inlet at Sunrise Rushing WaveThis is a redo after seeing the original HDR image from Curacao on my workstation in the office, I decided to reprocess this photo. I worked on the previous image from my tiny little 12inch laptop, which is good for storing images, but horrible for processing photos. And that’s fine, I purchased that laptop for portability and not work, and it does that amazingly well.