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Note: If you are contacting me about using any of my images,
please click here to read my image usage rights

For general questions please see my Frequently Asked Questions below.

There was a time when I had a nice contact form to fill out but due to large amounts of spam eating up my website resources I decided to disable it. That is also the reason why I disabled all the comments on my pages.

If you have any questions please send me an e-mail to [email protected] – Note: I am a one man show with very little time so there is a chance you might not get a reply.

You can also contact me through my FaceBook page by sending me a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use your image on my website?
Yes if it is a personal website. If it is a business or commercial website you need to buy the image. Please go to for more info. Please support your local artist.

2. Can I use your image in exchange I will link to your website?
Sure if it is a personal website. For business or commercial websites please go to for more info. Again please support your local business and artist.

3. No budget to buy images for commercial use?
No budget. No problem. At I have four photos that I give out for free each month. I am also willing to barter or trade for services to help your business succeed. I am all about helping our local community!

4. Do you sell prints of your photographs?
Short answer is no but read on if you would like a print. There was a time when I did sell prints but it became a lot of work ensuring quality, packaging and shipping. I feel my time is best spent capturing and processing photos. If you would like a print check my online store for more info –

5. Advertising on
For security reasons I do not allow any advertising on my website. The only advertising I have is with Google.

6. Do you alter your images at all?
Yes. All of my images are enhanced in some way using HDR techniques. You can learn more about my process with link below.

7. Where in Florida are you located?
I live in Palm Beach Gardens. It’s a beauitful area but I feel like it’s slowly getting overcrowded.

8. Can I go on a photo shoot with you?
The simple answer is no. I love to meet new people but over the years I have come across some interesting characters to say the least. Also this is what I do for a living so I have to make each shoot count. This means I can never guarantee where I am going to be on a shoot.

9. Can you speak at our camera club?
Currently my priority is making my business succeed so I don’t have time to do any public speaking.

10. When is your next HDR Workshop?
I don’t have any plans on scheduling a workshops.

11. Do you shoot weddings or portraits?
Sorry I do not offer these services. Shooting wedding and portraits require a certain passion for it that I don’t have. My love is for landscape, architecture, nature and wildlife. If you need someone to shoot your wedding or portrait you can contact Scott Kelly below. He’s a professional photographer with many years of experience and I highly recommend his work.