Black & White HDR of Long Boat

Jul 30, 2010 | Landscapes & Scenery, Travel & Culture

Scenes like this are all to common around the shorelines of Phuket. When the tide goes down, the water sinks for what seems to be miles, leaving behind mud an rocks to hold these long boats afloat.

This photo was shot while I was out gathering clams for dinner with the family. We manage to dig up a bucket full of clams that evening but to our surprise the clams weren’t what we expected. Basically, they were to small to make it worth our while to eat. We should have bought some from the market… very cheap, but what’s the fun in that!

About the photo: This is a black and white HDR photo taken during low tide in Phuket, Thailand. I shot this in color and later converted to black and white using Photoshop. Normally I don’t like converting my images to black and white, but this photo was screaming it. Since it didn’t have much color anyway, I figure black and white would be a good choice.

Software Used for Processing Photo:
– Used for creating high dynamic range.
Topaz Adjust
– Photoshop plugin used to enhance details.
Topaz DeNoise
– Photoshop plugin used to eliminate noise.
Topaz Clean
Photoshop plugin used to smooth pixels.

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Photography Style: High Dynamic Range
Digital Camera Used: Canon 20D
Lens Used:
Sigma 18-200mm
Photo Location:
Phuket, Thailand