About Kim Seng

Mar 4, 2009 | misc

Kim Yoeung Seng developed a knack for photography after being inspired by photos taken by Ansel Adams. Thanks to the famous American photographer, this shutterbug realized that photography is an art form and not just about taking pictures.

Motivated by the photographs taken by Ansel Adams, Kimo, as his family and friends fondly call him, then took two elective classes on photography during art college. This is the only formal training on photography he has yet to receive. However, at that time he was more focused on studying computer animation at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where he graduated with an animation degree and best of portfolio.

Kimo owned an Olympus point-and-shoot as his very first camera. Wanting to explore the depths of photography even more, he then bought a Canon AE1 film camera. He soon stopped shooting because of the hassle and expense of developing film. Nonetheless, this Florida-based photo enthusiast regained his interest in photography after seeing an HDR image of the golden gate bridge.

To satisfy his curiosity for HDR photography, Kimo then bought his first digital SLR camera, a Canon Rebel XT. After shooting with the Rebel XT for only 3 months he then purchased a Canon 20D. Impressed with capabilities of the 20D but unsatisfied with the image quality, he upgraded again to the Canon 5D. However, he knows that good photographs are not dependent on the more advanced cameras. He believes that a good photographer can work around the limitations of any camera.

A member of six photography clubs in Florida, Kimo says that dabbling into HDR photography helps him achieve photographs that come to life. According to this trigger-happy dude who loves to shoot nature, landscapes, and wildlife, HDR photography lets him capture what he sees through his eyes and gives him more leeway towards creative expression.

At present, Kimo works as a graphic designer for SmartColor Graphics, Inc. As someone working in the creative arts industry for over 10 years, he gets to enjoy photography more because of the artistic freedom this field allows him. Kimo hopes that one day his photographs will become just as inspiring as the works of his favorite photographer, Ansel Adams.

About this Website captainkimo.com

captainkimo.com was created and is maintained by the Captain himself. It is a valuable resource for all digital photographers who love HDR photography. As this field becomes more complicated, websites like this offer useful HDR photography information accessible to the photography community.

This website caters to all hobbyists and enthusiasts, whether they are beginners, intermediates, or experts. Aside from providing details on how the author, Kim “Kimo” Seng, comes up with his very own stunning HDR photographs, readers can also expect thorough explanation of HDR photography tips and tricks.

Since post-processing makes up half of the HDR process, this website also reports on the latest HDR processing software that comes out in the market. Simply put, captainkimo.com provides tutorials and guides on the process of creating brilliant HDR photos, from composing and capturing the image up to post-processing.

But most importantly, through this website, it is the author’s fervent hope to virally infect as many people as possible with his HDR Photography addiction. This is to encourage and inspire photography lovers all over the world to collectively capture and share the beauty of HDR photography.