Wild Mushrooms from North Carolina


I didn’t just go up to North Carolina to shoot the Fall Colors, I went up there to get me some wild mushrooms. You know the good stuff, the Magic Mushrooms… lol, kidding. I find mushrooms very fascinating. Especially the wild ones that can be found growing on old logs and bright green moss.

I’ve never eaten any wild shrooms, except for maybe some my Grandmother picked in Thailand but none in America. I’ll leave the foraging of fungi to the experts. As for me I like to take photographs of them. All these mushrooms were shot handheld at 1600 ISO using my 18-270mm Tamron lens (I love this lens, it’s so versatile.) With some creative effect using Topaz Plugins I was able to produce some cool looking photos. I loved the results of the mushroom images so much I decided to create a Photoshop action for them. I’ll have this Action available for my HDR Workshop members.

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Software I use for processing my photos:
Photomatix Pro - Used for creating high dynamic range.
Topaz Plugins - Photoshop enhancement plugin.
Picasa - Free photo management program.
PS Elements - Used for post processing HDR images.
Lightroom - For adding the finishing touch.