Photomatix Pro – Best HDR Software

captain kimo munyon island lake worth lagoon panoramic1 490x92 Photomatix Pro   Best HDR SoftwareCaptain Kimo uses a program called Photomatix Pro for creating all of his HDR photos. There are over a dozen high dynamic range (HDR) programs available, but only Photomatix Pro can produce the images posted on this blog. No other HDR software comes close to reproducing the same detail or color that Photomatix is capable of doing. I know this because I’ve tested all the HDR programs out there and I’ve seen the results. Check out the video below for Photomatix Pro 5.0 update.

If you want to create HDR images like the Captain, I recommend Photomatix Pro. You can download a fully functional trial version. I suggest trying Photomatix first, just to be sure it works for you. Photomatix is available for both MAC and PC computers.

Click Here to Download a Trial Version.

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“Below are some of my favorite HDR photos that I’ve created using Photomatix Pro.”