Working on 100 HDR posts before I leave.

Apr 24, 2010 | misc

This is an image of what 39 HDR photos look like. I’ve been working on trying to get one hundred HDR photography posts for my blog while I’m gone. Hopefully I can get it done before I leave for Southeast Asia.

These 100 HDR photos will be automatically posted daily while I’m in Cambodia and Thailand. This is to keep updated with fresh photos so you won’t miss me too much.

It usually takes me a couple of hours to process and post a single HDR photo. I’m very impressed I even managed to get 39 of them. Even more surprising is that the photos look great! I thought they would end up looking “okay,” since I wasn’t spending much time on them. Goes to show less is more!

To help me process my photos quicker I’ve been using the HDR batch feature in Photomatix. I’ve even created a Default Captain Kimo tone mapping setting which has worked great for 90% of the photos. I’ve also created an action in Photoshop to apply all my defaults action. That has also worked out fantastic and has saved me a lot of time.

Keep posted cause I’ll be sharing the default tone map settings in a future post. Maybe when I release my next article, which will show you how to use the tone mapping feature in Photomatix more efficiently. This article will be written for those of you who have a hard time with the tone mapping part of the HDR process.

With all that said… I’ll still be posting from my trip so don’t you worry. Well.. that’s only if I have internet access, which from what I was told should be fairly easy to get in Thailand. However I can’t say the same for Cambodia.