Ton and Grandpa Fixing Bike

Mar 8, 2011 | Portraits & People, Single Exposure HDR

Here’s Ton helping his Grandpa fix the bicycle. Ton is always willing to help out. He’s always wanting to help me write my posts when he sees me working on my laptop. I’ll tell you one thing about Ton, if I don’t give him a job he will find one himself and most likely it will be something keeping me from doing mine!

As for the photo… most of you probably noticed the new processing technique that I’m using on people. It’s really nothing new, just using my Captain Kimo Action in a different way. I know some of you like it and some of you don’t, but for those of you who do I plan on writing an ebook on it, so look forward to it coming soon if you’re interested in this look.

However what is different about this HDR photo is that it’s a single exposure RAW file tone mapped using Photomatix. This is not the 3 exposure thing where I create 3 different exposure from a single RAW. This is one RAW exposure tone mapped using Photomatix. I found Photomatix version 4.0 to be able to tone map single RAW files much better than the older version.

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Software Used for Processing Photo:
Photomatix – Used for creating high dynamic range.
Topaz Adjust – Photoshop plugin used to enhance details.
Topaz DeNoise – Photoshop plugin used to eliminate noise.
Topaz CleanPhotoshop plugin used to smooth pixels.

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Photography Style: Single Exposure HDR
Digital Camera Used: Canon 5D Mark2
Lens Used: Canon 100-400mm f/5.6L USM
Photo Location: Ban Kok Kochay, Thailand