Thailand & Cambodia Hell On My Photography Equipment

Jun 19, 2010 | misc

My photography equipment and gear have been taking a beating during my travels in Thailand and Cambodia. It’s like my photography gear and electronic equipment have been cursed![ad#Google Adsense-3]

It all started with the panoramic shot above which broke my main camera, the Canon 5D MK1. The shutter went out while I was shooting this massive panoramic from Phuket. This pano was composed of 48 HDR  images and 144 exposures. The image file is so large I had a hard time doing anything without my computer crashing.

My 5D might be out for the count but I still have my backup camera, my Canon EOS 20D. Unfortunately the backup camera wasn’t free from the curse either. After a few days of photographing the pop-up flash stop working. Apparently this has been a known issue with this model camera.

Soon after my battery grip for my Canon 5D snaps in half while traveling. That doesn’t bother me as much since my 5D is broken anyways.

It wasn’t just my camera gear causing me problems. The mobile internet has been driving me nuts as well. I plan on doing a full write up on how to go mobile in Thailand. I’m sure it’ll come in handy for some of you travelers visiting here.

I purchased a brand new Nokia in Bangkok to use as an access point for the internet. It ended up being a fake Nokia. Every feature including the one I needed the most, Bluetooth, sucked! Beware foreign buyers, most of the stuff in Thailand is fake, if the price is to good to be true than you’re getting ripped off.

Even the counterfeit Nokia ended breaking on me. It seems as if anything electronic is affected by this curse, even fake Nokias.

My USB card reader also decided to crap out on me. I ended up buying another one and that one fried as well! I’m not surprised that the USB card reader broke. I’ve owned a dozen in the past and they all ended up in trash.

There has been lots more frustrating occurrences but I think you get the picture.

The good news is I finally got my mobile internet access to work properly. So now I’ll be able to start blogging on a daily basis while I’m here… well at least in Thailand. When I go back to Cambodia that will be a different story.