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Florida Bobcat peeking his head out from the bushes. There I was walking along and out comes this large cat from the bushes.

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January 2013 Florida Calendar by Captain Kimo – Lazy Gator

I’ll be posting the pages to my 2013 Calendar until the end of my Kickstarter project date. So far it’s not looking good for the project. For me to reach my goal I’ll need at least $211 a day until the final date to reach my goal. I’ll keep everyone posted on the project in the days to follow.

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Wakodahatchee Wetlands Heron

Photomontage of a heron from Wakodahatchee Wetlands preserve in Delray Beach, Florida. This park is full of different kinds of wildlife from birds to turtles and even gators. There are also rabbits running around but those are everywhere.

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