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Captain Kimo’s Driftwood from Lake Worth Lagoon During Sunset

Another shot of the famous Captain Kimo Driftwood from the Lake Worth Lagoon at Singer Island. So far this is my favorite photo of the dead wood. But I have another image in my mind that will require mother nature’s help. Hopefully this tree will still be here when all the perfect ingredients come together.

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Black and White Version of Captain Kimo’s Driftwood

Here’s a black and white version of the previous driftwood photo. This is what happens when I process too many photos in one day. My eye gets tired and I start to lose the ability to decide what looks good and what doesn’t. This will be my fifth photo posted for today… four more to go!

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Mangrove Tree – Phuket, Thailand

HDR photography image from Phuket, Thailand of a mangrove tree, photographed with Canon 5D MK2 digital SLR camera. High dynamic range photo merged & tone mapped using Photomatix HDR software.

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