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Great Horn Owl Perched in Pine Branch in Forest

Found this large Great Horn Owl while walking through the woods. These are the moments I wish I had a longer lens. When I get back from Thailand I plan on getting a lens longer than my 18-270mm and then get back to doing some serious birding.

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Great Blue Heron at Sunrise in Florida Wetlands

I’m pretty impress with the dynamic range in this scene considering how I’m shooting into the sunrise but the Blue Heron is still visible and not completely black. This is a single exposure image with light tone mapping in Photomatix Pro for a little color and detail in the shadows.

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Sunset at Lake Okeechobee

HDR photography image from Lake Okeechobee during sunset, photographed with Canon 5D MK2 digital SLR camera. High dynamic range photo merged & tone mapped using Photomatix HDR software.

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