Sailboat Anchored Off Singer Island, Florida

Mar 5, 2010 | Landscapes & Scenery

The fun part about processing HDR photos is the ability to take your image to an extreme. Some photographers would disagree. These are the same photographers who don’t believe in Photoshop, and the same ones who laughed at digital cameras when they first appeared. I’m different, I see everything as an opportunity. I embrace all new things with open arms. Whether it’s software, hardware, technology or technique, everything you learn allows you to grow. I believe everything has its place, and when it comes to art we all have different tastes. For me… I’m not a photographer trying to capture reality. I’m an artist looking to spark the imagination. So I’m constantly pushing the boundaries of my knowledge and my art to take you away from reality. Cause let’s face it, the real world ain’t all that pretty.

Processing Technique: 3 exposure HDR merged using [intlink id=”546″ type=”post”]Photomatix[/intlink]. Detail enhanced using [intlink id=”542″ type=”post”]Topaz Adjust[/intlink]. Noise removed by [intlink id=”542″ type=”post”]Topaz DeNoise[/intlink]. Image smoothed using [intlink id=”542″ type=”post”]Topaz Simplify[/intlink]. Photo processed with Photoshop CS4.

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Camera Used: Canon 5D Mark1

Lens Used: Canon 17-35mm f/2.8L USM

Camera Settings: ISO 200, Aperture Priority, f/2.8 @ 1/200 of a second, AEB +2/0/-2

Processing Time: 2 hours

Location: Phil Foster Park, Blue Heron Bridge, Singer Island, Florida