Palm Beach Inlet Pump House at Jetty

Jul 26, 2011 | Florida Beaches & Coasts, Nighttime HDR

Last night there was an amazing display of lightning and I ended up at the Palm Beach Inlet to photograph it. While shooting the lightning I noticed the pump house was looking pretty good with these clouds breezing by. It was hard for me to switch lenses to get the shot. I had my 400mm on for photographing the lightning strikes in the distance. I was afraid when I switched lenses an amazing bolt would fly through the sky. The lightning eventually slowed down a little bit and I took that opportunity to capture this single exposure HDR image.

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Software I use for processing my photos:
Photomatix – Used for creating high dynamic range.
Topaz Adjust – Photoshop plugin used to enhance details.
Topaz DeNoise – Photoshop plugin used to eliminate noise.
Topaz CleanPhotoshop plugin used to smooth pixels.
Topaz SimplifyPhotoshop plugin used for artistic affect.

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Photography Style: Single Exposure HDR
Digital Camera Used: Canon 5D Mark2
Lens Used: Canon 17-35mm f/2.8L USM
Photo Location: Palm Beach Inlet, Singer Island, Florida