HDR Software Review

Apr 1, 2010 | hdr software

My HDR photos are created by using Photomatix Pro HDR software. I use Luminar NEO for photo editing. I also use Topaz Software for noise removal and sharpening. Affiliate links provided to support site.

The HDR Software Review page is dedicated to all the software involved in the post processing of HDR photographs.

Topaz Adjust – “The Secret is Out!”

I wanted to share with you one of my secrets to some of my amazing photographs seen within my HDR Photography Gallery. The secret is Topaz Adjust, I haven’t mentioned it earlier because I personally wanted to put it through the test. I wanted to see if it could produce the quality photographs that I’m so picky about. Not only did it pass the test but it exceeded my expectations. It’s such a great piece of software that I have incorporated into my entire HDR workflow.

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Photomatix – “Most Popular HDR Software

I use Photomatix for all my HDR photography images. Unless I’m going for a specific look, Photomatix is the program I fire up first. I enjoy using Photomatix so much I decided to write a review. I also contacted HDRSoft, the company that publishes Photomatix and they were kind enough to supply me with a coupon code for 15% off Photomatix or any HDRSoft product.

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