Lifeguard Tower on Singer Island

Mar 18, 2010 | Landscapes & Scenery

This lifeguard tower can be found underneath the Blue Heron Bridge on Singer Island in Phil Foster Park. I’ve been doing a series of lifeguard tower photographs. I’m hoping eventually I’ll have enough to publish a coffee table book from it. Kinda funny… while I was there shooting, I ran into 3 photographers. They were all out and about doing the same thing. Since digital cameras became more affordable to everyday consumers, photography has grown like wildfire. It’s too bad none of them even considered shooting this lifeguard tower. I guess to some people a lifeguard tower, is a lifeguard tower.

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Programs & Plugins Camera Settings
• [intlink id=”546″ type=”post”]Photomatix[/intlink]
[intlink id=”542″ type=”post”]Topaz Adjust[/intlink]
Adobe Photoshp
Camera:Canon 5D Mark1
Canon 17-35mm f/2.8L USM
Camera Mode: AV
Camera ISO:
Shutter Speed:
1/25 second
Original Exposures
Download Original Exposures (ZIP File)

Lifeguard Tower Original HDR Exposures