HDR of Glass Taken at Night with Dynamic Light – Downtown Fort Pierce

Mar 5, 2010 | misc

If you can’t tell what this is, it’s a HDR photograph of a glass ashtray sitting on top of a glass table at one of the local diners. The photograph was taken at night during a photowalk in Downtown Fort Pierce.

HDR of glass can be very interest given the right light. Especially when shooting at night. I’m slowly beginning to build a better eye for nighttime HDR photography. Like any other type of photography the photographer needs an experienced eye for a specific subject. Black and white, portraits, landscapes, timelapse, etc… they all require experience, and experience is built overtime with lots of practice. Just like HDR photography which has taken me 10 months to master.

On a side note, this was taken with my Canon Rebel XT since my Canon 5D is off for repairs due to the mirror falling off.
Processing Technique: 3 exposure HDR merged using [intlink id=”546″ type=”post”]Photomatix[/intlink]. Detail enhanced using [intlink id=”542″ type=”post”]Topaz Adjust[/intlink]. Noise removed by [intlink id=”542″ type=”post”]Topaz DeNoise[/intlink]. Image smoothed using [intlink id=”542″ type=”post”]Topaz Simplify[/intlink]. Photo processed with Photoshop CS4.

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Camera Used: Canon 5D Mark1

Lens Used: Canon 17-35mm f/2.8L USM

Camera Settings: ISO 200, Aperture Priority, f/2.8 @ 1/200 of a second, AEB +2/0/-2

Processing Time: 2 hours

Location: Fort Meyers, Florida