HDR Landscape Photography Guide

Mar 17, 2010 | misc

Picture of New HDR Approach to Shooting People PortraitsLandscape photography is my specialty. I enjoy photographing landscapes more than any subject on this planet. And as a HDR photographer nothing represents¬† landscape photography better than high dynamic range (HDR). HDR Photography allows me to express how I feel when I see mother nature’s beauty. Landscape photography to me is not about what I saw… then and there, but how I felt at that moment. I can now represent those feelings by accentuating the colors and details HDR is capable of producing. I know I’ll never be able to represent the real experience of being there but I hope my landscape photographs will at least inspire the thought for just a few moments. Cause we all know everything starts from a single thought. :)

The HDR Landscape Photography Guide

This guide is an ongoing list of tips and advice for getting the most out of shooting HDR landscape photographs.