Captain Kimo at the Green Market

May 2, 2011 | misc

I think it’s about time I got out to the local market to sell my prints. This was my first attempt at the local Green Market. I had a lot of people interested in my work. Some people thought they were paintings, I’m pretty sure that’s because of the canvas wraps. Plus my style is some what painterly too so that probably had something to do with it as well. They do look pretty amazing, especially after being varnished.

I do all my own printing, varnishing and framing… it took some time to get my stuff looking professional. Dealing with color management is not for the feint of heart! Printing is much different than just simply viewing them on the monitor. I know because I’ve been in the printing industry for over a decade.

Most people are under the impression that printing art is a simple push button process. It’s not! I can’t begin to tell you how many people email me constantly for advice about printing and color management. That’s why they call it the digital dark room!

Needless to say, I believe printing and selling my pieces is going to take my work into a whole new level. That’s really why I went to the Green Market, I wanted to see what people were interested in. This way I can adjust my art to cater more towards what people want to see.

I had a lot of potential buyers but no sale. Oh well… I wasn’t expecting any. The Green Market is mostly for selling small priced items, $10 dollars and under, which I didn’t have any of. But it was a good learning experience. I plan on using my new found knowledge and applying it to the next show. Hopefully I’ll break even this time ;-)